Tini helped me with the purchase of my first home in 1996. I was single, had just started my nursing career and had no clue about what was involved with buying a house. Some people didn’t think I could do it. Tini made the entire process from finding a home that was perfect for me and within my budget, to getting a loan, go smoothly. Tini gave me excellent advice and support. Needless to say, when I felt the urge to buy another home in 2009 I called Tini. The house I wanted was a short sale. For over 6 months, Tini made calls to the selling agent to make sure he knew I was still interested. Even in today’s tight lending environment, her knowledge and professional contacts helped me get a loan. Tini is the reason I have a great income property. I have and will recommend Tini to anyone who needs a real estate agent. All throughout the years and to this day, Tini has helped me refinance my mortgages and save money when the time was right, and she was right every time. My parents and brother have bought and sold through Tini too. Thank you Tini!